Top 10 Android Gaming Apps

Android SmallPlaying games online can be relaxing and it gives you privacy. There are several kinds of gaming apps including education, adventure, mystery, casino, and more. You’re looking for an app that’s easy to download and doesn’t cost a fortune. Below is the top (10) gaming apps to take the guest work out of finding out what is hot and what is not.

Candy Crush Saga This gaming app is for all ages and best of all it’s free. Players join Mrs. Tiffi and Mr. Toffee through a sweet adventure of Candy Kingdom. Pass level (50) and enjoy a mystical ride alongside an owl name Odus. They a popular among their users because they have (100’s) of levels.

Block Fortress This is a mixture of Minecraft, tower defense and first person shooter. The time of day will affect your game mode. Players must build their tower and protect themselves against night raids. This app is available for a small one time fee of $3.99. It also allows up to (4) players.

The Walking Dead This app is just as good as the book. Players in a southern Georgia town must kill a host of zombies and survive a deadly outbreak. This app comes in a (5) part series that is adventurous and entertaining. This app is popular because of the high defintion graphics.

The Room This is a puzzle app that offers haunting clues and details. Players open up a box and recieve details about A.S. They must put all the clues together to solve the mystery of the initials.

Ridiculous Fishing This app is redemption for all the fisherman out there that haven’t always had such a lucky day. This game allows you to fish with a toaster, a chainsaw, and guns. This is a (4) player game and intended for ages 14+

Criminal Case This app allows you to be the detective. Players must find objects and figure out clues. Analyze samples and bring the killer to justice. Best of all this app is free. This app can be played with up to (4) players.

Clash of the Clans Players build their inhabitants into an unbeatable fortress for free. Battle with players worldwide and take their trophies. Join together with other players to form the ultimate clan. Players have to defend themselves against many obstacles including the Goblin King.

N.O.V.A. Players can link up together from across the world for online death matches. They have wonderful graphics and is the app version of the popular game Halo. This game is action packed to the end.

Zenonia This game will appeal to retro gamers. They have a day to night feature and high quality graphics. They offer over (40) hours of play time. They have a $5.99 fee

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars This game is highly popular since the beginning of their series. Players go through Chinatown and try not to get car jacked. They also fight villians and must snatch a few cars in the process.