Popular Australian Apps

Australia SmallIRL Gaming is the first most well-known and popular gaming app companies in Australia. Based in Melbourne, their major focus in location-based mobile gaming such as their current project, Zombies in Real Life. The project is a big departure from from other location-based games and will actually contain zombie-based adventures.

2and2 is an award-winning Australian gaming app company known for their game PowerPlay. PowerPlay takes place in the apocalypse where elementals ravage the world and humanity is near the brink of destruction. The game focuses on energy efficiency and encourages positive behavioral change at home and work.

HelloLocal is a successful app that helps deliver data to shoppers based on their exact location using proximity location technology. Hello Local works with cities, shop owners and destinations through a smart app that brands itself according to a user’s location.

The Cook App is a successful cooking app that was developed by Sitepoint. It has taken two years to be developed and has won Editor’s Choice, Best New App and Best of 2013.

RACT is known for their Driver Training App. The app provides two functions for learner drivers, a road rule quiz and a way to log driving hours through the app.

CPA Australia Ltd is known for their Boardroom Tycoon app. The app lets players build their own company from the ground up. Players can compete in real time to hire and fire staff, complete deals, attempt takeovers and so on. While you’re sleeping, somebody else could be trying to takeover your company,

Bodywise is a successful health and fitness app. The purpose of the app is to make tracking fitness more interesting and motivational. Bodywise syncs with Fitbit or Jawbone UP, bringing the data from the device to your health and fitness dashboard. With the information, Bodywise discovers a better path to living a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Snaptch is a fashion app that was launched in January 2014. Snaptch is available for the iphone and ipad that marks the modeling industry’s role in the digital age. It revolutionizes models’ portfolios by reimagining them into a digital form. It also includes the metrics of a model’s following through social media to indicate their following.