Best Casino Apps for iPhone

Iphone SmallFleeting are the days of brick and mortar gambling. Internet gambling sites have been around for years, but here comes the in pouring of the Casino apps. Punch “Casino” into your iPhone or iPad app store and prepare to be inundated with flashing gold images. Weeding through them can be quite a chore. Most Casino apps are free to download, but expect to pay up for chips, tokens and credits. Every app on the list also gives free tokens for connecting your account to Facebook.

Before you spend any money or use up precious space on your phone, here’s the scoop on the 10 Best Rated Casino Gaming apps on for iPhone:

1. House of Fun (4.5 Stars, 4900+ Reviews): The House of Fun has been around for over five years, plenty of time to perfect their slot machine graphics. People have been stepping into the virtual House of Fun for a long time, but the games are still fresh and fun.

2. Big Fish Casino (4.5 Stars, 3900+ Reviews): With hundreds of games to choose from, BFC has something for everyone. With a big variance of price ranges, you can choose how much money you want to spend. You’ll start out with free chips, and every 30 minutes the game will give you a “Bonus”, including free chips & spins.

3. World Series of Poker (4.5 Stars, 3600+ Reviews): If you watch World Series of Poker on T.V., you’ll love this app. With multi-level tournaments, this is a great game to play with other people. It’s not just Poker either; WSP has a fun selection of mini slot games, too.

4. Slots Journey (5 Stars, 200 Reviews): The unique concept of this casino app takes you through a slot machine journey, one that can become addictive if you’re not careful. The music gets a little old but the graphics are good.

5. Slots by Storm 8 Studios (4.5 Stars, 382 Reviews): The graphics on Slots is better than a lot of the other apps on the list. However, the odds on this app aren’t as “ever in your favor” as a lot of other Casino games.

6. GSN Casino (4 Stars, 1200+ Reviews): From Bingo to Wheel of Fortune, this app has a lot to offer, including a lot of familiar games. You may notice a few bugs here and there in GSN Casino, but you can count on them pushing frequent updates to fix the bugs and offer new games.

7. myVEGAS Slots (4.5 Stars, 550 Reviews): If you’re tired of playing the same old games, myVEGAS Slots is a good one to try. They have a lot to choose from and unique concepts.

8. Jackpotjoy Slots (4.5 Stars, 70 Reviews): If slots are your thing, this is your game. Because they just have slots, they have a wider variety of them than any other app on the list. This app is especially fun on the weekends, when you get bonuses of free tokens every 2 hours.

9. Monopoly Slots (4 Stars, 240 Reviews): It has lots of colors, eye-popping screens, a good selection of games and the Monopoly guy. Everyone loves the Monopoly guy!

10. Slots – Pharaoh’s Way (4 Stars, 350 Reviews): Finally, if you’re not up for spending any real money, this Egyptian-themed app is a good choice for you, with lots of free slots and even a lot of free credits.