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Apps SmallGaming Apps – Brief history of Apps and Games and how they came to be a part of everyday life

Over the years, the rapid growth and development of technology has completely changed and shaped the way that we live today. Nearly everything we do on a daily basis is somehow connected to a piece of electronics, from the cell phones that we are constantly using, to our laptops, to the high definition big screen televisions that a great deal of people have in their living rooms. The reality is that our lives have become completely ingrained in the use of technology that it seems almost absurd to consider how we got by fifteen or twenty years ago.

The expansion of the things that we can now do on cell phones is perhaps one of the biggest changes that we as a people have made. About ten years ago, a handful of cellular devices came out that were compact and flipped open and people generally thought this was an amazing innovation and everyone wanted to purchase these devices. If we could go back to that time and bring them an iPhone or an Android and explain the use of the plethora of apps that we have, as well as the extensive gaming that we have on our phones, they would be shocked to say the least.

Applications truly dominate our cell phone usage now and many people actually spend more money every single month with the use of data, over the actual amount that they pay for their minutes. Instead of using navigation devices in our car, these days we use Google maps or another application that gives us directions. If we feel like finding a place to eat nearby, we can simply look up online a nearby restaurant, locate it on the map application and have our cell phones route us to the destination. If we happen to hear something that we are interested in, we can pull up the internet browser and do a search and find results within a matter of seconds.
It is truly stunning when you step back and realize how far we have come over the last handful of years and it appears that the technology we now enjoy is just going to expand. Technology truly is experiencing exponential growth, when it comes to what we can do with our cellular devices and it is exciting to say the least. There are constant innovations that are taking place and the various large companies out there that are dominating the market are competing against each other to develop the next new piece of technology and they constantly are outdoing each other.
It is pretty comical when you think of the games that we used to play on our phones less than ten years ago. You would have a handful of extremely basic, now primitive looking games on your phone that were preloaded into the device when you bought it and you were generally limited to playing these games. Now, there are literally tens of thousands of games that can be accessed by simply downloading a new game and hundreds of new games pop up on a daily basis. Technology has come an incredibly long way over the last few years and it is most apparent in our cell phone technology, through applications and gaming.

A Discussion About Apps

Have you used both an iPhone and an android phone?

Current iPhone User: I have, and I have

Android was a long time ago though

Me: What would you say are the biggest differences – even back then

Current iPhone User: The main difference that I had was that the battery life was AWFUL on the HTC whatever it was. It could’ve been an iPhone killer, but the battery didn’t last past 11am. I think the android phones are brighter with better colors than the iPhone, but I don’t really use either for gaming.  The tech guy at the android store told me to buy an extra battery for the phone. That was the only fix they had, which turned me off the android entirely. What good is a phone if it cant keep a charge.

I could have a machine that predicts the future, but if nobody can turn it on tis completely worthless.

Me: I remember that the last Android I bought, it was a Samsung and they actually gave you extra batteries.  Were you able to find any useful apps on the Android phone?

Current iPhone User: I guess with an iPhone you know what you are getting, but with an android it seems like there are more differences and options.

Me: That’s true

Current iPhone User: I loved the swipe text on android, but that was really the only one I used. It was like 3 or 4 years ago.  I think the screen size of the HTC was bigger, which when paired with the brighter colors and resolution made the apps and animation look much more impressive than on the smaller iPhone screen.

Me: The best app that I found for the HTC was a free tether app.  It let you use your HTC as a wireless hub for free.  Now iPhone and I think the carriers that provide Android phone service have blocked that and charge for that ability. As far as gaming, the phones were not that hot in my opinion, but the tablets are impressive as in, you can find some really amazing apps and games on the Google Play store that you just won’t find in the Apple Store.

What is the last app you downloaded for iPhone?

Current iPhone User: The last app I downloaded was either Casino Support, Snapseed for photos, a bubble level , or an app called Waterlogged that keeps track of how much water you drink daily.

Me: That is awesome.

Are there any other iPhone apps you could recommend?

Current iPhone User:  My big one these days would be podcasts. Ive never used an android for them, so I don’t know if it would be more difficult to manage them. I assume it is the same type of setup, but cant speak on that. I also love the fact that it pairs with my ipad and I can download books, movies, or whatever to both.

Also the ATT Uverse app allowed me to set a recording for the Indy500 remotely via my iPhone so I could watch it on my ballin new tv and soundbar when I got home.